Balık Turu

Turumuz profesyonel-sportif bir balık turudur. zamanın çok büyük bir kısmı büyük balık avında geçirilir. Misafirlerimiz arta kalan zaman da yüzme, güneşlenme, küçük balıklar yakalama ve ortamın keyfini çıkarmak için kullanabilirler. *Premier Excursions, Fethiye'de ki tek profesyonel-sportif balık turu düzenleyen firmadır.

-We have been fishing for fun while we were kids. Since 2004 we are fishing professionally with our customers.
-We start trolling fishing for Tuna, amberjak, barracuda and Mahi Mahi (only in August, September and October).
-Then we start deep sea fishing by jigging and search for a big amberjak, red snapper and grouper snapper. %80 of the day we only look for big fishes.
-During the lunch break everyone gets a thin rod and enjoy fishing black bream, ras, snapper and much more, in the meantime we make the lunch ready.
-After lunch we start trolling again and after a while trip ends at the starting point.
-We provide all the equipment you need for fishing on boat.
-We can’t quarantee for the fish but; we quarantee your best day out.
-Rules and details of the tour
-The boat keeps the fish
-Equipments are under our responsibility
-Everyone will have their own seats
-We have GPS, radar system, all equipments, snorkel, google flippers and toilets on boat, all you need is your towel and camera.
-Lunch includes fish or chicken, salad, pasta and mezes.
-Captain can change the menu of lunch day by day.

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